Rethink DTC.

Re-watch our livestream where we announced our new key updates for clubs, websites, reports, apps and plugins

Clubs Re-Invented

Find out how we are going beyond user choice to deliver the right product to the right customer at the right time. From letting customer's choose frequency, to gifting club memberships, to dynamically creating a club package based on a customers preferences, we’ve completely revamped the club to help you deliver the optimum customer experience (and made the whole experience easier).

Clubs ReInvented
Websites Re-Imagined
Websites Re-Imagined

We had the most customer centric websites. We’ve re-imagined them. Our new front end widgets will make your website faster to shop on and more personalized. A more streamlined checkout, a more intuitive customer profile, and even more personalization options are all available with our new widgets.

Reports, Apps, and Plugins Re-Engineered

A first look at our C7 Dev Center. Being 100% API based has enabled third party developers to create tools connected to C7. This year we are giving developers the opportunity to build right inside the Commerce7 admin panel and POS. You can now access third party apps (like reports, visitor counters, staff calendars, etc) right inside Commerce7.

Reports, Apps, and Plugins ReEngineered


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