Building Integrations/Apps on Commerce7.

Commerce7 is a software as a service (SaaS) platform comprised of REST APIs, a backend admin panel, and allows for a front end consumer facing ecommerce site. It’s hosted in the cloud, and all assets are stored in Amazon S3 CloudFront. Today, there are over 700 API endpoints. Every function on the backend and consumer front end is accessible via an API (it’s 100% API driven).

The majority of the APIs are built on Node.js. Both the backend admin panel and frontend ecommerce apps are built in React. We have over 1400 integration tests in our test suite which runs before each code deploy.

Because Commerce7 is 100% API based, it’s relatively easy to connect with other systems and also possible to upgrade and extend the functionality. It is built to allow plugins and customizable functionality.

We are deeply focused on commerce, and our top priority is building tools that create customer centric shopping experiences. Our clients still have many non commerce related needs such as marketing, fulfillment, reporting, accounting, etc. Instead of deviating from our focus on commerce, and accommodating a wider range of needs, we depend on our partners to fill in the gaps. We believe it makes more sense for us to integrate with industry leading platforms like MailChimp, Microsoft Nav, etc, instead of trying to build more solutions ourselves. As a result, the majority of our clients have integrated Commerce7 with existing complementary solutions. Many of these integrations are built and sold by integration partners.

To become a promoted integration partner (have your integration live in our admin panel), you must agree to the expectations/requirements outlined below. Once a promoted integration partner, your integration will be accessible to our client base through our admin panel, and will be promoted on our website and through our various marketing channels (newsletter, social media, etc).


What you can expect from Commerce7

Technology: The Commerce7 team will work to ensure you are kept aware and up to date on new platform developments, especially any developments related to our APIs. The Commerce7 team will also ensure the API documentation is kept up to date (please note that not all API endpoints are included in the documentation, but can be found by inspecting your browser, and checking network XHR. The Commerce7 team does not offer full support, but our developers will attempt to answer reasonable questions in a timely manner through our partner slack channel.

Marketing: The Commerce7 team will place your integration inside the app store of our admin panel where it will be visible and available to all users with a Commerce7 instance. Upon the launch of your integration, we will promote your integration through various marketing channels. The level and frequency of promotion will be determined by the Commerce7 team. The Commerce7 team may also recommend your integration to clients, and introduce you to various prospects.


What we expect from you

The following are the minimum requirements to be considered a preferred partner.

Support/Setup Requirements:

  • Up to date documentation outlining setup and use of the app.
  • Contact info for end-user support.

Technical Requirements:

  • Interface with a REST API from a programming language (Node, Go, Ruby, PHP, etc).
  • Know when to use POST, PUT, GET, DELETE.
  • Ability to handle errors.

Business Requirements:

  • Maintain good channel of communication with Commerce7.
  • Answer client questions in a timely manner (1 business day turnaround on emails).
  • Do what’s best for the client.


By signing this agreement you represent to us that you are an authorized representative of your organization and upon its behalf agree to be legally bound by its terms and conditions.

This agreement is subject to the Commerce7 Terms & Conditions contained at The partner hereby acknowledges having read the Commerce7 Terms & Conditions, agrees that those terms are incorporated into this agreement, and agrees to be bound by those terms and conditions hereunder .


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