Designing on Commerce7

Commerce7’s front end widgets plug into any modern CMS such as WordPress or Craft CMS and can be styled through the CSS. No subdomain is required throughout the shopping experience, and product pages can be merchandised without restrictions. With Commerce7 you can build and design an online shopping experience that truly reflects your client’s brand.

All Commerce7 clients require a website to host our tools. Web design/development is not a service offered by Commerce7, and as a result we rely on various partners to fulfill this role. Often a client will not have a designer they wish to work with, and will ask us for recommendations. We send these clients to preferred partners based on who we feel will accommodate their needs best.

There are two prerequisites to becoming a preferred partner. First, a designer must launch one mutual client on the Commerce7 platform, and the Commerce7 team and client must agree that the launch was smooth and successful. Second, the designer must agree to the expectations outlined below. Once a preferred partner, a designer’s services will be advertised on the Commerce7 sales site, and prospects/clients will be introduced to the designer by Commerce7 when appropriate.


What you can expect from Commerce7

The Commerce7 team will work to ensure you are kept aware and up to date on new platform developments, especially any developments related to design. The Commerce7 team will also ensure the designer documentation is kept up to date, and updated as new features are built out. The Commerce7 team does not offer designer support. Third party paid support is available and offered through WineWorks.


What we expect from you

The following are the minimum requirements to be considered a preferred design partner.

Technical Requirements:

  • Ability to write html (not just use a template or WYSIWYG editor).
  • Ability to code in the language the CMS is written in (for example WordPress means that you know PHP).
  • Ability to write CSS.

Business Requirements:

  • Maintain good channel of communication with Commerce7.
  • Answer client questions in a timely manner (1 business day turnaround on emails).
  • Prioritize website speed and usability, not just aesthetic design.
  • Do what’s best for the client.


By signing this agreement you represent to us that you are an authorized representative of your organization and upon its behalf agree to be legally bound by its terms and conditions.

This agreement is subject to the Commerce7 Terms & Conditions contained at The partner hereby acknowledges having read the Commerce7 Terms & Conditions, agrees that those terms are incorporated into this agreement, and agrees to be bound by those terms and conditions hereunder.


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