Streamlined Workflow
Streamlined Workflow

Access a customer's full profile right from your POS. Use our actionable "Smart Notifications" to handle pickup orders, manage club shipments, handle credit card updates, and other customer issues all with just one click.

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Modern Order Processing

Use our EMV capability to perform chip and pin card transactions, or allow customers to pay with either ApplePay or GooglePay. Perform card-not-present refunds in house.

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Modern Order Processing
Commerce7 - Effecient Customer Management
Efficient Customer Management

Manage multiple orders simultaneously. Add items to a customer's order throughout their visit, collect payment when they leave. Toggle between your other customers in the meantime. View customer data right at the till.

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All standard with Commerce7.

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Any Device. Any Operating System

Our POS can be used on on Android device, iPad device, mobile phones, or just a regular computer. Any web connected modern device will work.

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Card-not-present Refunds

Handle card-not-present refund from your tasting room. No need to contact your payment gateway.

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Cloud Data

All your ecommerce and tasting room customers, orders, and club memberships in one place.

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