At Commerce7 we’re passionate about small wineries.

Wineries like yours make up the majority of our customer base, and we love to work with them. So many small wineries around the world have chosen to work with Commerce7 because the platform platform is easy to use, all encompassing, and cost effective.

Average rating given by small wineries when asked how dedicated they feel Commerce7 is to their success.4.7/5

Commerce7 is easy to use

We know that as a small winery, you and your few colleagues are wearing a lot of hats today. You don’t have all the time in the world to figure out a new system or software. That’s why one of our top priorities is ensuring that setup and use of Commerce7 is as easy as possible.

Here's a few of the features of Commerce7 that make setting up and using the system a breeze.

  • Setup checklist - Every task that needs to be completed during onboarding has step by step instructions on how to complete it.
  • Training videos - Whether you’re building your first club package, or have a new tasting room staff member joining the team, there’s a training video for every common workflow you’ll need to complete.
  • Dedicated support team - Have a question? Our knowledgeable support team is standing by to help walk you through any questions you may have.
  • Robust Help Desk - Prefer learning on your own? Our help desk has over 220 articles on how to best use the platform.
Easy to Use

Don’t just take our word for it - see what other wineries say when it comes to using Commerce7

We asked our clients why they'd recommend us to their peers

“Excellent Support”Luke Hricik, William, Chris Vineyards
“Ease of platform”Dan Massican, Massican Winery
“Ease of use”DeAnne Majewski, Coelho Winery
“Excellent Support”Jessica West, Harper Voit
“Ease of use for front end sales”Amanda McBride, Gordon Estate
“User Friendly”Carrier Belcher, Donelan Family Wines
“EASE”Beth Adams, Abigail Adams Wines
“Ease of learning the software”Brandon Jacobs, Fullerton Wines

We give you ALL the tools you need to grow sales

It’s our mission to see you succeed. That’s why we give all wineries on our platform access to the entire product suite. As a small winery on Commerce7, you have access to every feature and tool that one of our enterprise clients has access to.

This includes access to all

  • POS features
  • Ecommerce features
  • Club management features
  • Reservation features
  • CRM features

Just because your business is small, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be mighty! Small wineries on our platform like Tasting Merchants and J. Cage Cellars drive revenue and create better customer experiences by creating marketing automations, online personalizations, and many other best practice tactics available to all wineries on Commerce7.

Modern Ecommerce

Commerce7 is cost effective

You can't invest in marketing and infrastructure the way your largest competitors do, and that's okay. Our goal is your success, so we've priced our platform with new and smaller wineries in mind. With a flat rate as low as $0 and small transaction fees, you can get started selling online with Commerce7 without making any large financial commitments.

Fees Paid to Commerce7
 Commerce7 BasicCommerce7 Now
Monthly Fee$99.00$0.00
Transaction Fee1%2%
Fees Paid to 3rd Party
 Commerce7 BasicCommerce7 Now
Payment Gateway2.9%2.9%
Website Setup3rd partyTemplate
Data Migration3rd partyNot available

Commerce7 Basic vs NOW, which one is right for you?