We are customer centric commerce

We believe that the second transaction with a customer is more important than the first. We believe that creating a more customer centric experience leads to loyalty, customer happiness, and will drive sales and profit.

Being customer centric is not corporate blah blah blah. It’s about listening, watching, and discussing how to improve the customer experience. It’s about your club member being able to visually see and manage their club package online, and deciding which day they want it delivered. It’s about your international customer being able to pay with a payment method native to them. It’s about your customer on their mobile phone being able to enter their address easily. It’s about your customer having a better experience.

We are a brand-new company, and we don’t have it all figured out. Today is day one. We are madly focused on the customer. We want to build software that enables you to create great digital experiences for your customer.


Our values

Do the right thing. Do what's right for the customer. Do what’s right for your employee. Do what’s right for your team member. Do what's right for our partners. Do what's right for the product.

Default to open. Be open with employees. Be open with customers. Be open with partners. Be transparent.

Push the bar. Raise the standard. Do more than expected. Try something new (even if you fail). Move fast.

Educate. Read a book. Take a course. Mentor an employee. Teach a customer a best practice.

Incremental improvement. Never stop improving. Take one or two steps forward. Incrementally improve our code. Incrementally improve our practices.

About the Co-Founders

In our mid 40s, Jason Andres and I (Andrew Kamphuis) are the old guys around here. We've been working together on the web for a long time. We worked with our friend Peter (who we are trying to recruit) since the 90s to create better commerce experiences.

We were the contract developers for eWinery when it started. In 2008 we founded Vin65 together (along with Peter). I ran that company for 8 years and Jason ran the technology for 10 years.

Even though we've been doing this a long time we are very passionate about commerce. At Commerce7 we wanted to be different than what we did in the past. It's all new technology, it's a modified vision. Our inspiration is Shopify and Dollar Shave Club.

I often joke that we want to learn from past mistakes and make all new mistakes. We are doing some amazing things. Some of them will fail. Our goal is to work with you to create great customer solutions.

Commerce7: Our Team

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