We are customer centric commerce

We believe that above price and product, the number one reason why a consumer will choose your brand is customer experience. Customer experiences that are customer centric lead to loyalty, customer happiness, and drive sales and profit. Our mission at Commerce7 is to enable businesses around the world, regardless of size, to succeed by empowering them with the digital tools needed to create customer centric shopping experiences.


Our values

Do the right thing. Do what's right for the customer. Do what’s right for your employee. Do what’s right for your team member. Do what's right for our partners. Do what's right for the product.

Default to open. Be open with employees. Be open with customers. Be open with partners. Be transparent.

Push the bar. Raise the standard. Do more than expected. Try something new (even if you fail). Move fast.

Narrow our focus. Stay true to our mission, stay focused on building features that create customer centric shopping experiences.

Incremental improvement. Never stop improving. Take one or two steps forward. Incrementally improve our code. Incrementally improve our practices.


Meet the Team

We are a small team. We started with two people, and over two years have grown to nine. The one thing we all have in common at Commerce7 is that we are all passionate about our vision, mission, and living our values.

Andrew Kamphuis. Programmer/Founder. Vancouver, BC, Canada
Jason Andres. Dev Ops/Founder. Mission, BC, Canada
Zach Kamphuis. General Manager. Vancouver, BC, Canada
Christine Merrick. Customer Success. Welland, ON, Canada
Alicia Rubino. Customer Success. Welland, ON, Canada
Tyson Louth. Frontend Developer. Washago, ON, Canada
Kelton Kowalchuk. Backend Developer. Abbotsford, BC, Canada
Diana Ciocioiu. Sales Coordinator. Toronto, ON, Canada
Carisen Randing. Senior Support Specialist. Vancouver, BC, Canada
Jennifer Arie. Customer Success. Napa, CA, USA
Kaitlin Stratis. Content and Brand Manager. Kitchener, ON, Canada
Andrea Dyck. Front End Designer. Vancouver, BC, Canada
Kaylin Davison. Sales Executive. Mississauga, ON, Canada

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