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Payments should be simple

Commerce7 Payments is a multi-gateway solution combining our in-house/native gateway with the best from Stripe. Our in-house gateway is used for all regular credit card processing and EMV devices, while we make use of Stripe to offer mobile payment options.

A screenshot of Commerce7 platform.

A combination of the best technology and great rates.

Take your pick

EMV devices

Choose from multiple EMV devices including completely mobile options. We’re currently integrated with Ingenico Link 2500 and we anticipate adding Ingenico Move 5000 and Lane 5000 as soon as Q1 2022. Utilize EMV devices for club signup payment; cards are tokenized and saved on file for later use. (Anticipated Fall 2021)

A screenshot of Commerce7 platform.

One card, multiple channels


With Commerce7 Payments, one credit card can be saved and used across multiple channels. When guests come into the tasting room and pay on an EMV device, we tokenize the card and save it to file. This allows their first online purchase from home to be fast and streamlined.

A screenshot of Commerce7 platform.

Faster and easier transactions online

Mobile payments

Offer one-click checkout online with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay, WeChat Pay, Samsung Pay, Microsoft Pay, along with other mobile payment options. Commerce7 technology is intelligent enough to only display the mobile payment options available to each customer based on their device.

A screenshot of Commerce7 platform.

The features you need

  • coin-dollar


    Commerce7 Payments offers competitive, negotiable rates for all transactions that take place through our in-house gateway.

  • network


    Say goodbye to waiting for EMV devices to connect with real-time constant connectivity; making tasting room transactions even more seamless.

  • book2

    Reporting and Reconciliation

    Access your payout reporting and reconciliation needs directly inside the Commerce7 admin panel. Easily link orders to a payout. (Coming Fall 2021)

  • sync

    Credit Card Account Updater

    Reduce declined payments and member churn due to expired cards. The credit card updater will automatically update cards on file when the expiry date has been reached. (Coming Fall 2021)

  • shield-alert

    Fraud Detection

    Enhanced fraud detection. Stripe Radar for all transactions through the Stripe gateway. Transactions through the C7 native gateway, through native fraud prevention tools (more tools coming Spring 2022)

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