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Midsize wineries

The tools you need with unlimited integration and design opportunities.

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Tools built to help you grow

There are a lot of winery DTC platforms out there and if you’re reading this, chances are you’re already familiar with a few. With so many options out there, Commerce7 continues to be the fastest growing winery DTC platform on the market. Our tools are built to help you grow your sales while giving you the flexibility you need to design a seamless online experience for your customers. With the open nature of the platform, it’s also easy to connect Commerce7 with your other software and solutions.

Whether it's on your website, in your club, or at your tasting room, the key to driving growth is providing your customers with the smoothest possible buying experience. We've got the tools you need to create that top-tier online experience, driving revenue, and creating more repeat customers.

Personalization engine

Great online shopping experiences are personalized. With Commerce7, you can dynamically change content, products, and pricing shown to any visitor on your website, based on your unique relationship with that visitor.

Wineries who utilize our personalization engine on their product list pages outperform those who don’t by 16.5x.

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Modern club

With our modern club tools, your members can visually personalize their club packages similar to Blue Apron, Dollar Shave Club, and modern subscription services. Customers can easily add and remove products, change bottle quantity, skip a shipment, cancel online, and change the shipment date.

On average, members who edit their club shipments through Commerce7 increase order value by 24.5%.

That's an extra $33.21 per package to the winery! These numbers add up fast when you consider that 23.7% of club members on Commerce7 will edit their default package when given the opportunity.

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Tools built for midsize wineries.

Work with a system that integrates with your other software

Work with the platforms and systems you want to. If there is a marketing, reporting, or fulfillment platform you want to connect Commerce7 to, check the app store! There’s likely an integration built and, if not, Commerce7 is 100% API based and can be connected to any system that has an open API.

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Commerce7 integrations.

Full control over your website

As ecommerce sales continue to grow year over year, your customers' expectations of your website grow as well. At Commerce7, we do not force you into our own dated CMS. Commerce7 is built to plug into any modern CMS like WordPress. This means that you have full control over the design, product layout, and experience on your website.

  • checkmark@2xThe ability to tap into vast plugin networks on WordPress and other CMS systems
  • checkmark@2xUnlimited opportunity to customize your product merchandising
  • checkmark@2xNo subdomain required
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Full control over your website
Don’t just take our word for it

What other wineries are saying

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    C7 was the only e-commerce platform that allowed for that open API to achieve my goals.

    Dan Massican

    Dan Massican

    Massican Winery
  • quote

    I wanted to let you know that your website for club members seems head and shoulders above many others. Yours makes it easy to modify things online. We were trying to modify our membership at another winery and the only option was to phone in or try a Hail Mary email to an info@... account. At another winery we wanted to modify the wines selected for our membership level pick up and that required an email to the club director. Your website, in contrast, has options to cancel or suspend membership (very useful I think) and a method to change the make up of the order; most everything is editable.

    Club Member

    Club Member

    Benza Vineyards
  • quote

    We didn't want full-stack, being locked into a particular website design. We liked the flexibiilty of being able to insert code.

    Jon Bjork

    Jon Bjork

    Markus Wine

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