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Ebook: The Data That's Changing Winery DTC 2020

Jan 5, 2021

2020 was a turbulent year for the wine industry. COVID-19 forced the industry to change and adapt in many ways. Although there were many challenges presented, the year also provided a lot of opportunity. For example, while tasting room traffic was down, ecommerce sales were up significantly compared to last year and 63% of online sales came from new customers buying online for the first time.

Through our annual report, “The Data That’s Changing Winery DTC,” we uncover industry trends, statistics, changes in consumer preferences, and key insights throughout DTC channels in 2020 that wineries can leverage to plan for 2021.

Download the full report.

Through this report, you will learn insightful findings such as: 

  • The current state of club and subscriptions & how they performed in 2020
  • How wineries grew their acquisition, retention, and order value
  • Ecommerce performance in 2020 and who’s buying online
  • The future of ecommerce in the wine industry
  • How personalization impacts ecommerce
  • What all top ecommerce performers have in common & much more

The data collected and analyzed comes from Commerce7’s 420+ winery clients that are utilizing the platform for their DtC business needs.

Download the full report.

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