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2023 Data Book: The Data That's Changing Winery DTC

Apr 2, 2024

2023 was an economically challenging year for many consumers, which was reflected by a 1.66% decrease in total sales across all DTC channels compared to 2022. Despite this dip, there were notable positive trends seen within all sales channels, highlighting opportunities for growth and optimization.

Through our 2023 Data Book, “The Data That’s Changing Winery DTC”, our team examines the trends, statistics, and key insights we’ve found through analyzing our aggregate data across our 1,700+ winery client base.

Download the Data Book to receive insight into:

  • The latest patterns and trends shaping the direct-to-consumer wine industry
  • Comprehensive analysis of DTC performance across various sales channels
  • Detailed breakdowns of consumer behavior to empower strategic decision making
  • Best practices for leveraging technology to streamline DTC operations and enhance efficiency
  • Actionable recommendations designed to optimize customer engagement and boost revenue

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