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AMS Integration

Sep 29, 2021

Integrate Advanced Management Systems (AMS) with Commerce7, through a first-ever full API-based near real time integration built by award winning web development firm GSATi.

AMS Software

AMS provides some of the best production, general ledger, and inventory functionality available in the wine industry. Paired with Commerce7’s powerful eCommerce, Point of Sale, Club Management, Reservations, and CRM you can take your winery to the next level.

Supercharge your DTC business by providing your customers with a modern easy to use platform, leading-edge system for your tasting room staff, all while continuing to support your operations and financial reporting from the system you know and trust. And, best of all, it is automated!

Real Time Order Integration

GSATi’s integration supports near real-time order integration between Commerce7 and AMS, as orders are processed through Commerce7 they will seamlessly post directly to your AMS DTC system so that your accounting and operations can stay updated.

Single View of Customer Across AMS & Commerce7

Keeping your customer accounts in sync to provide a single view of your customer accounts across both AMS and Commerce7 is critical to ensure that your robust AMS Reporting works flawlessly.

Keep Your Memberships Synced Across AMS & Commerce7

We know that reporting on your memberships is critical to production planning and budgeting. GSATi’s integration includes the ability to keep memberships in sync between AMS and Commerce7.

AMS Inventory Controls

GSATi’s integration offers your winery the ability to have cutting edge website and point of sale operations in Commerce7 with the strength of AMS Inventory Controls and Reporting. That way your finance team always knows where your inventory is located and how much you have on hand.

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