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Why Commerce7?

May 5, 2021

With industry-leading built-in club and subscription tools, and better integrations to compliance platforms, Commerce7 has everything you need to create better customer experiences, grow your sales, and stay compliant. Commerce7 has experience migrating over 100 wineries from WineDirect. Switch to a platform you know you can trust. 

Create better experiences and grow your sales.


Wine clubs and subscriptions are a core channel in the DTC space. Being a purpose-built platform means that they are a core feature of Commerce7. Rather than rely on a 3rd party app to address this core functionality, our native club and subscription tools are built deeply into the rest of the platform ensuring your members have the best experience possible signing up for and managing their clubs. Your team is equipped with the tools needed to organize, manage, and process clubs of all sizes with ease. 


Great online shopping experiences are personalized shopping experiences. With Commerce7’s native personalization engine, you can dynamically change content, products, and pricing shown to any visitor on your website based on your unique relationship with that visitor. Wineries who utilize our personalization engine on their product list pages outperform those who don’t by 1650% (16.5x). 


Commerce7’s native reservation system makes it easy to conveniently set up, schedule, and manage all appointment-only tastings and tours. Allow guests to schedule reservations online with our front-end widget or book appointments through our back-end module. Stay on top of your day-to-day reservations with a custom-designed property map and through our flexible dashboard. You have one customer record across all channels including reservations, so you always have the full picture and context of your relationship with any given guest. 


There are many different ways to structure your discounts to reward club members and incentivize customers to upsell their orders. With Commerce7, you can optionally stack multiple discounts together to offer club members free shipping and product discounts on their packages, or an additional discount if they add more bottles to the next package. All Commerce7’s discounts show upfront on products and subscriptions, showing your customer the full incentive before they add to cart.


Commerce7 makes it easy to capitalize on great tasting room experiences. At Commerce7, we put the customer at the heart of everything (rather than the transaction) and as a result, orders created in the tasting room will automatically create a customer record if the guest opts to have their receipt emailed to them. By effortlessly capturing the guest’s email address, you can begin to build a relationship with them by capitalizing on their great tasting room experience and remarketing to them after their visit. 


At Commerce7, we’re focused on the wine industry. As a result, there are many niche areas of our platform such as taxes, products, machine learning, and more that are all tailored to the needs and focuses of the wine industry. All of the integrated partners and apps are also involved and relevant to the wine industry. 

Stay Compliant While You Grow

With Commerce7, you can trust you’ve got the tools and integrations necessary to grow while staying compliant with the law. For American wineries, Commerce7 has native 5-digit zip code level tax rates provided by ShipCompliant free to all customers and also has integrations to compliance engines such as ShipCompliant and Avalara. With Commerce7, compliance is always verified before an order is processed and payment is collected.

Migrate to a purpose-built DTC platform you can trust. 

At Commerce7, we empower wineries of all sizes to succeed by empowering them with the digital tools needed to create the best shopping experience possible, regardless of channel. Learn how we help over 570+ wineries grow their direct-to-consumer sales with a reliable, purpose-built platform.

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