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Why Commerce7 Instead of WineDirect?

Dec 28, 2020

With industry leading APIs and integrations, and modern club and ecommerce tools - Commerce7 was built to empower wineries with a reliable DTC platform that allows them to deliver the best experience possible to their customers. Wineries such as Opus One, Constellation, William Chris, Twisted Oak, Newsome Harlow, and many more have moved their business to Commerce7 from WineDirect. 

What are the main differences between WineDirect and Commerce7?

Clubs and Subscriptions

A good wine club experience is crucial in order for wineries to see success and retain customers. The number one reason wineries have made the switch is because of the club and subscription tools in Commerce7. A great club experience should be intuitive and user-friendly while keeping flexibility and customization at the forefront. 

Club features include:

  • Better visual experiences that help guide your members to customize their shipments.
  • Club pricing that is based on promos and coupons allowing for upsell and longevity bonuses.
  • Automated processes such as two week and two-day email, decline email, and autoprocessing.
  • A free integration with Emetry that will predictively tell you when your club members will leave.

Furthermore, Commerce7 is the only wine DTC software that has modern subscriptions. Inspired by Blue Apron and Dollar Shave Club, the subscription club predictively picks the right products for your customer and allows members to easily customize their order, change package frequency, and adjust their shipment date.

Modern Commerce

Commerce7 allows for personalized products (on the homepage or anywhere through the site), upfront pricing (club members and customers will see their discount upfront before they add to cart), and superior product merchandising.

Commerce7’s one-click checkout is used by over 50% of repeat visitors and is the fastest way to checkout on a mobile phone. With a persistent cart, you never have to worry about your customer’s cart expiring, and gives customers the option to seamlessly complete their orders, regardless of the device they are using. 

From personalization to mobile-friendly sites, persistent carts, and one-click checkouts - all of these features make Commerce7 a superior ecommerce experience to WineDirect.

“Constellation Brands estimates that their online and club sales grew 35% when they switched from WineDirect to Commerce7.”

Miryam Chae - Director of DTC, Constellation Brands

Extensible CRM across all channels

Commerce7 offers an extensible customer record where you can add your own fields, has email address and phone number validation, true multi-country, multi-email, and multiple phone number support. Commerce7’s CRM has dynamic tagging and segmentation and a query builder that allows for and/ors/nots. Commerce7’s CRM has a much more intuitive UI than WineDirect.

Website Design

WineDirect’s CMS is outdated and we often hear about wineries who tend to not use it and instead build a separate site with a shopping experience on a subdomain. Commerce7 integrates with most modern CMS and plugs in efficiently into any modern CMS such as WordPress for a seamless shopping experience.


Commerce7’s POS was designed for the tasting room. With customer tabs (multiple customers at the same time), EMV, Apple Pay, Google Pay, caching, and speed make it a superior POS.   Customers with their dynamic tags, flags, and extensible customer record are all easily accessible. Commerce7’s POS allows for 3rd party apps to be embedded right in the user interface. The Commerce7 POS is always reliable and has never gone down.

APIs / Integrations & Technology

WineDirect APIs are SOAP based and slow.  A request for 50 orders means making a call to get a list, then a separate call for each order to get the detail. Commerce7’s modern REST APIs can get that same data in under 100ms with a single call.  

Commerce7’s dev center allows for third-party apps to plugin deep into its Admin Panel, POS, and reservation system. 

Commerce7 has a full set of webhooks and uses a modern tech stack with React and Node, whereas WineDirect has just a few webhooks and is built on ColdFusion.

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