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Convert Tasting Room Guests into Repeat Customers

Kaitlin Stratisclock 3 min

May 19, 2021

Tasting rooms are reopening, which means it’s the perfect time to develop initiatives for tasting room staff to not only create a memorable experience for guests but to also convert one-time visitors into repeat customers and create evangelists for your brand. 

Set your winery up for success with these 3 tips on how to convert visitors into repeat customers and members.

Explain the importance of collecting emails to staff

Email is the single biggest driver of online sales and collecting emails will always be the most effective way to remarket to guests after they leave your tasting room. According to our aggregate data, only 34% of POS orders have a customer record attached, meaning wineries missed the opportunity to remarket to 66% of their tasting room customers. 

When we asked our top-performing clients how they went about collecting more emails in the tasting room, it simply came down to explaining the importance of collecting emails to staff, how it translates to more sales, and the overall impact it made on the success of the winery.

Offer meaningful invitations in exchange for their email 

Maximize your efforts across your tasting room by offering guests meaningful invitations in exchange for their email. Tell them about the upcoming event at your winery, or add them to a list for a new collection that is about to be released, consider even offering to email them their receipt with a promotion code/discount right from the tasting room. 

If you want to offer incentives as a push for emails, you can explore: 

  • % off their first order online
  • Free or discounted shipping
  • Special pricing on new collections/ wines guests enjoyed at the winery
  • Invite them to exclusive events, offer special pricing, and access to new collections

Communicate frequently

When it comes to converting guests after they leave your tasting room, frequent communication is critical for wineries. In order to stay top of mind and convert those who provide their email once they leave your tasting room, you’ll need to remind them of the great experience they had and entice them to purchase again.

Effective communication looks like:

  • Emailing customers once a month (minimum)
  • Properly segmenting contacts (Subscribers who haven’t purchased, purchased at POS but not online, customers who haven’t placed an order recently, lifetime value, etc.)
  • Tailoring the message based on the segment or offer relevant incentive outside of the tasting room

By educating and motivating winery staff, offering meaningful invitations, and keeping up with guests - wineries are able to maximize their efforts during the summer and convert more visitors into repeat customers. 

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