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Get Started with Personalization

Kaitlin Stratisclock 3 min

Apr 14, 2021

Personalization is paving the way when it comes to creating better, more memorable shopping experiences. Brands such as Amazon, Netflix, Warby Parker, Winc (to name a few) have set a standard in online shopping. From personal style guides to curated product recommendations, these brands have elevated their game to meet consumer’s rising expectations. 

When it comes to wineries selling direct-to-consumer, more and more brands have opted for personalization but many are still left wondering what a personalized shopping experience looks like and how to get started.

So, What is Personalization?

Ecommerce personalization is when a brand displays individualized content, special offers, and product recommendations based on their website visitors’ previous actions, order history, and other personal data. When personalization is done correctly it helps brands drive more sales, retain customers, and create better shopping experiences.

How to Get Started

Personalize your homepage

In order to effectively reach your website visitors, consider the message you are displaying on your homepage. Did you know that 82% of consumers today expect a personalized experience? The sooner you can offer relevant content to visitors, the better.

For a first-time visitor, you may want to tell them about your winery, but when it comes to a returning customer, they are already familiar with your brand. This becomes an opportunity to welcome customers back, offer a special discount, or introduce them to your wine club. Personalization on your homepage allows you to immediately offer quick and relevant information to that specific guest and meet their expectations.

Curate products for your customers

Personalization is powerful. Consumers are looking for the fastest and most efficient ways to purchase and find what they are looking for. With personalization, brands have the ability to strategically recommend products to consumers based on individual preferences. 

For example, wineries can create personalized collections based on previous orders, so if a returning customer who only orders red wine visits your website, you’ll want to showcase your most popular, or newly released red wines. For a VIP club member, maybe you want to showcase your special collection that’s only available for loyal members. When wineries are able to curate products for visitors, it takes the guesswork out of the purchase and increases the likelihood of the sale. 

Don’t forget about email 

Email is one of the most effective channels for selling online and better yet, it offers brands a simple way to personalize content and offer product recommendations. 

Starting with segmentation, wineries are able to segregate customers based on lifetime value, club members, first-time purchasers, abandoned carts, churned customers, and so on. This helps to bucket customers based on their relationship with the brand and send more targeted and relevant communications such as those curated product recommendations, special releases, discounts, and more. 

Ready to get started with personalization? 

Personalization doesn’t have to be complicated, Commerce7’s modern and easy-to-use ecommerce tools make it easy for wineries to deliver the best experience possible across all direct-to-consumer channels. Book a demo and learn why over 730 wineries select Commerce7 as their DTC platform.

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