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Running a Modern Subscription Club - Your Top 3 Questions Answered

Kaitlin Stratisclock 3 min

Jan 14, 2021

While the industry continues to evolve, there are many trends emerging that wineries need to pay attention to. One that we certainly can’t ignore is the modern subscription. 2020 showed us that while traditional club memberships remained stagnant, subscription companies such as Winc, saw a massive amount of growth throughout the year. 

Let’s dive into the top 3 questions asked when it comes to the wine subscription. 

1. What are the main differences between a Traditional Wine Club and a Modern Wine Subscription?

A traditional clubs and a modern subscription are very different from each other, and while they both exist to provide consumers with a positive purchasing experience, they are not the same. 

Traditional wine clubs = benefits, belonging.  While perks and exclusivity are enticing for many, with tasting rooms being shut down and for out of town guests, members don’t get to enjoy the perks of an in-person experience. Exclusivity used to be the selling point, but with the change in consumer preference, consumers are looking for more. Wine clubs also decide on how often members get their order, have set shipping schedules, and offer little customization when it comes to product selection. Customers join for benefits.

Modern subscriptions are curated, convenient, and customizable. Subscriptions simplify the process for members and the benefits revolve primarily around providing personalization and a customizable shopping experience. The modern subscription allows members to dictate when they want their shipments, what products they want, how frequently, keeping the customer in control. Customers crave convenience over benefits.

2. What are the benefits of a Modern Subscription?

There are many benefits when it comes to moving from a traditional wine club to a modern wine subscription. Simply put, it's an opportunity to develop your brand, generate more revenue, and grow your club while keeping customers satisfied.

The shift in consumer preference is here to stay. Consumers are now looking for personalized and customizable experiences. The more flexibility a winery can provide, the more likely they are to attract new customers, increase order values, and retain customers. 

At Commerce7, We found that on average, edited packages had a 20.7% increase in order value.

3. What does that mean for order processing and fulfillment?

Believe it or not, rolling processing and fulfillment make wineries’ lives a lot easier when it comes to a modern subscription. It’s just another added benefit and takes the weight off logistics. 

If you’re like most wineries, when you process a large club you get a lot of inquiries from members who want to change their order, these inquiries can be a lot to handle.  With rolling subscription processing, as opposed to processing all orders on one day, you spread the workload that is responding to and assisting members with inquiries.

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