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Head Into the Holiday Season With Visual Assets That Sell More Wine

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Sep 28, 2022

Outshinery uses 3D tech to create flawless product images for the alcohol industry. Online everything, and hassle-free, with no need to coordinate external professionals or ship physical bottles. Get Bottle Shots, Lifestyle Images, Product Videos, and more, in both seasonal and evergreen looks. 

According to a 2021 Amazon study, 83% of people shopping online say that photos influence their buying decisions more than any other factor. You’ve seen how this plays out in your own experience, when a product listing states that no image is available — it’s not appealing. And even worse, this can be discouraging to shoppers who have come to associate quality images with quality products. Here’s how to drive more conversions and future-proof your winery with better digital content.

Quality images control your brand’s narrative

Online beverage retailer Drizly found that a quality image yields a 3X add-to-cart rate. This also influences product ranking and, at Drizly and other online marketplaces, is a prerequisite for inclusion in recommendation emails to consumers.

The quality of imagery directly influences buying decisions. To stand out (or even be considered at all) on the digital shelf, your products must have an industry standard bottle shot at the very least. Outshnery uses CGI technology to ensure that your Bottle Shot matches your product exactly so that shoppers can zoom in on label detail, liquid color, and even closure details. This helps you control your brand image, even if your bottles are shown on other platforms beyond your website. “If you give quality images, you control the narrative,” says Laurie Millotte, founder of Outshinery. “The best imagery wins!”

Consistency earns the trust of online shoppers

She says that one of the most common issues of inconsistency within the wine images is out-of-date vintages. She says that many wine producers believe that if nothing else on the label has changed, consumers will accept last year’s vintage on the Bottle Shot. But that’s a misconception. “It may not seem much to you,” says Millotte. “But in the eyes of the consumer, it’s a red flag.”

And this includes an accurate and legible back label shot too. A 2021 Salsify study reported that 70% of consumers expect three or more images in order to make a purchase. This means that they want to see your bottle from various angles and in close up, so they can read the label clearly. “At least three is the magic number,” says Millotte. And Outshinery’s visuals, created and delivered all online, can be ready before your wine is even bottled, letting you get to the market quickly with accurate assets.

Pull at the heartstrings of the consumer

Go beyond the standard DTC functionality of Bottle Shots — use imagery to stir emotion, suggest how to use your products, and build trust with your customers. Advertising with emotional content is on average 9 times more effective at driving sales than non-emotional advertising. While we love Bottle Shots, they are meant to be streamlined and super clear, but not necessarily emotional.

Millotte reminds wineries of the buzz of the holiday season when product bundles and gift boxes are in demand. While it might be tempting to snap a last-minute photo on someone’s phone, this abandons the consistency and puts the hard work (and potential sales at a crucial time) at risk. Use wine pairing recipes to pair with your products, gift box images, and Beauty Shots to show off the dynamic nature of your wine. “Highlight the finishes, the care, and the money,” that you’ve invested into your product by employing imagery that improves the customer’s shopping experience at every level.

Emotional content is product-centric but also “pulls at the heartstrings of the consumer,” as Millotte says. We all know the feeling of a cozy fireplace or a sparkling swimming pool — use these familiar moments to suggest your wine. This is a Lifestyle Image, which helps conversion rate for email marketing, wine club communication, and of course on social media.

3 visual marketing best practices

  1. Get consistent and legible product photos for every SKU. The quality of imagery directly influences buying decisions.
  2. Execute an exceptional online shopping experience for your shoppers. This means engaging content beyond your DTC website.
  3. Rich and diverse visual content to drive sales for your product. Help shoppers see every reason why they should buy your bottle.

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