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Utilizing the same powerful engine that runs its WMS platform, FORT Ship provides a streamlined platform for self-shippers. FORT Ship users benefit from a wide range of 'wine smart' functionality without the burden of inventory, invoicing, etc.

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FORT Ship default dashboard
FORT Ship default dashboard
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FORT is a comprehensive shipping platform, accessible 24/7 from any internet-enabled computer.  The full WMS platform includes everything a 3PL or warehouse facility needs, such as carrier label printing, package life cycle updates, automated notifications, invoicing, batch-lot management, cross docking / receiving, comprehensive reporting, inventory management, etc. While FORT can be used to ship any type of product, the platform is particularly well suited to the complex and highly regulated world of alcoholic beverages.  

FORT Ship utilizes the same powerful FORT engine, but is a streamlined shipping product, designed in a simplified and easy-to-use format for self-shippers.  FORT Ship enables label printing from multiple carriers, and contains dozens of powerful reports to help your business run more efficiently.  FORT works closely with all users and encourages feedback, and, as a result of that feedback, we regularly add enhancements and updates, more detailed and state-specific reports, and other functional areas that help the platform better address your specific needs.

FORT is integrated with the major carriers, order management systems, compliance companies, and other key alcohol industry companies.  


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