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Sync your customers to Mailchimp with their order history, tags, club memberships, and other profile data to make use Mailchimp's extensive automations and segmentation features that can be setup around their engagement, ecommerce activity, and much more!

$40.00 / month

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Preconfigured segments that you can customize to suit your needs


Revamp your email marketing strategy with our completely redeveloped app that seamlessly connects to Mailchimp. Our app is designed to make use of Mailchimp's extensive automation and segmentation features allowing you to create targeted campaigns based on your customers' engagement, profile changes, or ecommerce activity without the need for manual imports.

Several segments are automatically configured for you during the onboarding process that cater to common use cases such as club members, lapsed customers, and local customers, and these segments can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your brand and marketing strategy. Additionally, with all your data synced to Mailchimp, you can create advanced and highly focused segments to target specific customers like those who have a lifetime value greater than $5000, made a purchase in the last 30 days, have bought a specific product, live within 50 miles of your location, and are active club members.

Our cloud-based technology ensures that all updates made in Commerce7 to customer profiles, orders, products, clubs, and more, are captured and synced to Mailchimp in real-time. Our approach allows you to efficiently and effectively target your audience with relevant and personalized messages, leading to the opportunity for better engagement and increased ROI. So, whether you're looking to win back lapsed customers or reward your most loyal patrons, we've got you covered.

Ensuring customer privacy is a top priority. While explicit consent aligns with regulations like GDPR/CCPA, by agreeing to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use during the signup process, you can choose to have your customers be automatically subscribed if they're a club member or have a purchase history.

Your input matters to us, and we welcome your valuable feedback whether it's about feature enhancements or bug notifications. Feel free to reach out via email at


$40.00 will be billed monthly

App price does not include subscription to other software.


This app is built and supported by Vintools.