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ReferralCandy allows you to easily create and launch customer referral programs, and run them on autopilot. Boost customer retention and attract new buyers with this powerful connection between ReferralCandy and Commerce7!

$35.00 / month

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Automated coupon creation in Commerce7 that are fully customizable
Automated coupon creation in Commerce7 that are fully customizable
Easy CSV upload for coupons in ReferralCandy
Approve or reject referrals through your ReferralCandy admin panel


Unlocking Effortless Success on ReferralCandy with Vintools:

Vintools streamlines the complexities of a ReferralCandy integration, making it effortless for wineries on Commerce7 to launch and manage successful referral campaigns. Elevate your marketing strategy with Vintools—where automation meets customization for optimal referral success.

Order and Customer Data Sync:

Onboarding with Vintools ensures a seamless flow of data. We sync the last two months of order details upon signup, facilitating easy engagement with recent customers. Plus, our real-time sync keeps you up-to-date with every new order, maximizing your referral potential.

Automated Coupon Generation:

Simplify your advocate reward system with Vintools. For ReferralCandy's 500 unique coupons, just input your custom reward preferences—coupon name, discount, and minimum purchase requirement— and let our app handle the rest and email you a CSV file with 500 single-use coupons, ready to import into your ReferralCandy campaign.

Secure Advocate Codes:

Protect your rewards from misuse. Vintools generates each advocate code in Commerce7 configured that they can only be redeemed once on your store. This security feature prevents advocates from sharing their codes, maintaining the integrity of your referral program.

Post-Purchase Convenience:

Vintools adds a hidden widget on your receipt page to fulfill ReferralCandy's tracking requirements for their fraud detection. No need for code updates on your website for users of Commerce7's V2 front-end widgets.

If you'd like to activate ReferralCandy's post-purchase advocate popup, we supply the required code to seamlessly integrate with your website. This ensures accurate customer data display on the current order receipt page.

Tailored Support:

Our commitment extends beyond automation. If you're not using Commerce7's V2 widgets, Vintools offers step-by-step guidance to install the necessary code. Alternatively, opt for our hassle-free service, where we manage the updates for you, ensuring a smooth integration experience.

ReferralCandy: Powering Your Winery's Growth through Referral and Affiliate Marketing

ReferralCandy is the most popular referral software for ecommerce stores and is designed to help Direct-to-Consumer brands like yours attract customers, increase sales, and foster growth through the powerful channels of referral, affiliate marketing, and rewards.

Here's how ReferralCandy can benefit your winery:

Automated Referral Programs:

ReferralCandy makes it seamless for your company to establish and manage referral programs effortlessly. With just a few clicks, you can automate your referral program and start seeing results in as little as 30 minutes.

Post-Purchase Engagement:

Engage your customers seamlessly with post-purchase popups, emails, and pages that enroll them in your referral program. This immediate engagement ensures that your customers are aware of the referral benefits and are motivated to participate.

Brand Customization:

Maintain brand consistency and enhance brand recall by customizing your referral program with your winery's logo, images, and brand colors. This ensures that your customers associate the referral program seamlessly with your brand.

Cost-Efficient Customer Retention:

Referral programs and affiliate marketing are renowned for being cost-efficient strategies. They allow you to tap into your existing customer network, turning them into brand advocates who bring in new customers. This approach is not only effective but also budget-friendly, and our app will automatically sync the past two months of order history to ReferralCandy so you can easily enage recent customers.

Automated Customer Rewards:

Acknowledge and incentivize your customers with automated rewards through ReferralCandy using coupons automatically generated for you in Commerce7 while using our app to offer either percentage or dollar off discounts so you have the flexibility to tailor rewards that resonate with your winery's offerings.


$35.00 will be billed monthly

App price does not include subscription to other software.


This app is built and supported by Vintools.