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Commerce7 Introduces Leading Edge GraphQL APIs

Feb 4, 2021

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February 4th, 2021.

The strength of any DTC platform is how well it integrates with other systems. Commerce7’s 100% API based technology has made it seamless for 3rd parties to integrate. Today Commerce7 introduces a GraphQL API alongside its REST APIs for partners to use.

“At Commerce7 we pride ourselves on our modern technology, having completely open APIs has allowed for so many different integrations into our system.  GraphQL is going to continue to push the bar,” says Andrew Kamphuis, President of Commerce7.

What is GraphQL

GraphQL is the latest standards in API, originally developed by Facebook, and is used at Airbnb, GitHub, Lyft, and other modern companies.

When it comes to API technology, the old standard was SOAP, the modern standard is REST, and the bleeding edge is GraphQL. 

Commerce7’s current REST APIs receive over 19 million API calls a week and respond on average in 85ms.  GraphQL takes the speed and API performance to the next level, allowing 3rd party integrations to further define the data they want and streamline the response.  With fewer calls and less data, this new leading-edge technology contributes to faster integrations and websites which is a key factor in how wineries drive more ecommerce revenue. 


Along with the GraphQL API, Commerce7 has introduced a GraphQL playground for developers to inspect Commerce7 objects and test their queries.

“At Commerce7 we’ve been using our own GraphQL APIs for the past few months, and our internal tests have shown it to be 4 times faster than our already fast REST APIs,” says Andrew Kamphuis.


GraphQL API is available today to all partners of Commerce7.

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About Commerce7: 

Commerce7 is a DTC platform focused on providing customer-centric commerce solutions to the wine industry. Innovative features such as being 100% API based, their personalization engine, and modern ecommerce and club solutions has made it the platform of choice for wineries looking for a more modern solution. Regardless of size, all clients on the Commerce7 platform have access to the entire suite of products and all features and functionality. For more information, visit

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