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Commerce7 Launches Reservation System

Mar 26, 2019

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March 26th, 2019, Vancouver, BC, Canada:
Commerce7, a modern winery DTC platform, has added a reservation system to their suite of products. The reservation system gives wineries a convenient solution for creating, scheduling, and managing appointment based tastings and tours.

“Making a reservation and visiting the winery is one of the highest levels of engagement a customer can have with your brand. As we move to create better experiences for end customers, a reservation engine needed to be part of the overall platform.” said Zach Kamphuis.

Wineries can allow guests to book experiences online through a customizable front end widget, or appointments can be booked through a back end admin panel. If an experience isn’t available at a desired date/time, Commerce7 automatically recommends similar alternatives.

A customized property map gives staff an overview of their day and how their property is being used. For any given date or time, staff can visually see which locations on the property are in use.

In one convenient location, wineries can coordinate all upcoming bookings and manage staff positions and schedules. Internal notes can be broadcast to alert staff of upcoming schedule changes, daily notes, and other messages.

The cloud connected reservation system is tightly integrated with the rest of the Commerce7 platform and is available today on Apple, Android, and Windows.

To learn more about how Commerce7’s reservation system can enhance your guests experience, and streamline your business processes, contact visit

About Commerce7
Commerce7 is a startup focused on providing customer centric commerce solutions to the wine industry. Innovative features such as being 100% API based, ability to accept modern payment methods, modern ecommerce and club solutions has made it the platform of choice for wineries looking for a more modern solution. Learn more at:

Zach Kamphuis, 604-217-5161,

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