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Facebook Conversions API

Send conversions from Commerce7 like orders, reservations, club sign ups, email subscribers to Facebook. Uses Facebook Conversion API best practices to bypass ad blockers and the Pixel.

$39.00 / month

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This app uses the most up to date technology from Facebook as of March 2022 and is a good way to pass data bewteen all of the platforms. 

If you run ads on Facebook you NEED to be using the Facebook Conversions API. With ad blockers and Apple's privacy changes, Facebook is unable to track all users' actions with their Pixel. The Conversions API passes data from your website and Commerce7 to Facebook so it knows when a customer converts. Without this data, you have no way to track if your ads are working or not and Facebook cannot optimize your ad for better performance. This app sends the following conversion events to Facebook:

  • Page View
  • Purchase
  • Add to Cart
  • Begin Checkout
  • Add Payment Info
  • Wine Club Sign Up (Subscribe)
  • Reservation- Must use C7 reservations (Schedule)
  • Email Subscriber (Lead)

We will send events from ALL channels including your website, tasting room, wine club, inbound, etc. 

This app is a standalone product, but if you don't yet have Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Ads fully integrated with your website, we also offer a white glove set up for a one time fee. We highly suggest having all these systems integrated to fully maximize your marketing technology. Please visit to learn more and sign up for our Website Analytics Service. 


$39.00 will be billed monthly


This app is built and supported by Highway 29 Creative.